Activist. Leader. Community Builder. Vermonter.

Endorsed by theVermont Progressive Party, Vermont Sate Reps. Tristan Toleno (D-Brattleboro) and Mollie S. Burke (D/P-Brattleboro), Burlington City Councilors Joe Magee and Gene Bergman, 2018 congressional candidate Dr. Dan Freilich, and a growing list of current and former elected officials across Vermont!


I am running to fight for your family.

It's time for a leader who is in touch.

We need a new voice in Washington because the system is not working for most people. We need a leader who will step out in front of the challenges facing our country and lead—not just when it’s easy, but all the time. As an activist and national leader, taking up the hard fight is what I have always done, and that is exactly what I will do as a U.S. Senator.

Fight the big fights.

The climate crisis, violence, racism, and addiction, are real problems. We must protect our communities now while we address the root causes of these threats. Business as usual will not get us there. I've been organizing strategic protests across the country – and winning.

Love your neighbor.

It's hard for many of our neighbors to save for the future. Let’s create a more fair tax system, expand the Child Tax Credit, protect social security and veterans' benefits, respect the human right to housing and healthcare, and fight for a $15/hour minimum wage – for all.

Defend democracy.

I led the campaign for student seats on the Vermont State Board of Education and became the first high school student with a vote on that board. We must protect the right to vote for all Americans, hold our leaders accountable, and limit big business' influence.

Let's do this together.

Can you chip in $3 to support our people-powered campaign? Isaac will not take corporate PAC money—from the start.

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