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A review of the Vermont U.S. Senate primary candidates, 8/2/22

WAMC Northeast Public Radio—“The climate crisis. We need somebody who’s going to stand up for economic justice. We need somebody who’s going to fight for Medicare-for-All and who’s really going to stand up for democracy.” Read more →

Vt. Democrats for US Senate debate in Brattleboro, 7/22/22

WCAX News—"(Evans-Frantz) says his experience comes from being a life-long community advocate and that Welch is part of the system that needs to be fixed. 'Somebody who is not beholden to the corporate interests that dominate our national agenda. Somebody who hasn’t received corporate PAC money for 15 years,' Evans-Frantz said." Read more →

By Isaac Evans-Frantz: Biden’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia is a slap in the face for his gay & lesbian spokespersons, 7/12/22

LGBTQ Nation—"Amidst the ongoing battles for LGBTQ equality and dignity here in the U.S., we also have an obligation to stand together with people struggling for their own freedoms in other difficult places..." Read more →

By Isaac Evans-Frantz: Sanders should hold Biden's feet to the fire on Yemen, 7/11/22

Brattleboro Reformer—"Breaking the promise he made as a candidate to treat the Saudi regime as a “pariah,” President Biden plans to go to Saudi Arabia Wednesday." Read more →

‘Still largely underrepresented’: LGBTQ+ candidates seeking statewide office celebrate milestones, but see work ahead, 6/15/22

VTDigger—“I’ve been told, ‘Don’t talk about being gay so much,’” Evans-Frantz said. “If I were heterosexual, I don’t think I would have been told that…" Read more →

Isaac Evans-Frantz runs for U.S. Senate, 6/13/22

The Valley Reporter—“I’m running because I think that right now, we are facing crises in this country that need leadership that is independent, that is not beholden to corporate interests, that is not entrenched in the system that we currently have...“ Read more →

Vermont Primary Election 2022: Democrats debate in race for U.S. Senate, 6/9/22

Vermont Public Radio—Host Connor Cyrus moderates a debate with the Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate... Read more →

Isaac Evans-Frantz doesn’t want the US Senate race to be a ‘coronation’, 6/7/22

VTDigger—“I'm not willing to accept the idea that this election is for sale, that this is an auction,” Evans-Frantz told VTDigger. “We live in a democracy. This is a small rural state where people vote. I believe that Vermonters deserve to have choices... Read more →

Congressional Corner with Isaac Evans-Frantz, 5/6/22

WAMC Northeast Public Radio—An upstart candidate is hoping to spring an upset in the race for U.S. Senate in Vermont... Read more →

Local activist kicks off run for U.S. Senate, 5/4/22

The Commons—Isaac Evans-Frantz, of Brattleboro, says it’s time for new leadership in Washington from a new generation... Read more →

Brattleboro activist to face Welch for US Senate primary, 4/26/22

WCAX News—Another candidate has entered Vermont’s U.S. Senate race. Brattleboro activist Isaac Evans-Frantz says his work in health care, nonprofits, and international aid makes him the right fit for the seat being vacated by Senator Patrick Leahy.... Read more →

National coalition builder, activist from Brattleboro seeks U.S. Senate seat, 4/26/22

Brattleboro Reformer—Isaac Evans-Frantz is touting his experience in bringing people together as he looks to become Vermont's next U.S. senator. "The urgency of the challenges facing our state and humanity right now, I think, demand a leader who is going to stand up and speak out," he said... Read more →

Why Brattleboro activist Isaac Evans-Frantz wants to represent Vermont in the U.S. Senate, 4/26/22

Vermont Public Radio—Evans-Frantz joins Vermont Edition to talk about his platform and why he's seeking elected office... Read more →

Evans-Frantz to kick off U.S. Senate campaign, 4/22/22

Brattleboro Reformer—Local resident Isaac Evans-Frantz is holding a special event on Tuesday, April 26, to kick off his U.S. Senate campaign... Read more →

Isaac Evans-Frantz announces bid for US Senate in Vermont, 4/11/22

NBC5—Isaac Evans-Frantz, an activist from southern Vermont, announced Monday afternoon he is running for the state's U.S. Senate seat. Evans-Frantz said he plans to run in the upcoming Democratic primary for the seat that will be left vacant once longtime Sen. Patrick Leahy retires at the end of his current term... Read more →

Brattleboro Democrat enters race for U.S. Senate, 4/11/22

WAMC Northeast Public Radio—Brattleboro, Vermont activist Isaac Evans-Frantz has entered the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate seat being opened by the retirement of Patrick Leahy. Evans-Frantz co-founded and served as executive director of the global advocacy group Action Corps... Read more →

Locals call for accountability on Yemen, 3/27/22

Brattleboro Reformer—“So today marks the beginning of the eighth year of the war on Yemen and that’s why we thought it was important to show up, because a lot of people in Vermont and around the country and around the world think that we shouldn’t have an eighth year of this war,” Isaac Evans-Frantz of Brattleboro said at a rally Sunday at Pliny Park in downtown Brattleboro... Read more →

Evans-Frantz: Gov. Scott’s affront to Brattleboro’s voters, 2/14/22

Brattleboro Reformer—As voting rights are under attack nationally, Brattleboro residents voted in 2019 to go a different path and expand the right to vote in local elections to 16- and 17-year-olds. Friday, however, Gov. Phil Scott signaled he would veto this change to Brattleboro’s town charter... Read more →

Brattleboro youth vote gets Senate approval, 2/13/22

Brattleboro Reformer—Isaac Evans-Frantz of Brattleboro, who graduated from Brattleboro Union High School and served on the State Board of Education from 2000-2001 as the first high school student with the right to vote on the board, described young people as “the future of our society”... Read more →